This type of nets can be used for fencing of gardens and greenhouses,decoration, isolation, cages and any other kind of public consumption. Also in areas where insidious animals damage trees and the protective metals are destroyed after a short time.

  • ease of installation and light weight
  • stainless and resistant against chemical and biological corrosion
  • high tensile strength to support the weight of plants
  • making it possible to grow trees in vertical direction and flat due to protection and creating support
  • color variation

Fence on the scaffold to prevent materials from falling

Suitable alternative for sacks and plastic fabrics which are installed on metal scaffold. Prevention of the darkness of interior area of the building is one of its advantages and if the installation process was appropriate and accurate, due to its apertures,wind would not tear it.

Industrial shed roof net

Suitable alternative for hexagonal wire net to keep the glass wool, rock wool, or any other insulation which is used in roof of industrial sheds.This mesh is produced in five colors.



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