About the company

Meshiran Manufacturing Company started activity under license of (NETLON) company in England in January 1997 producing a variety of polymer networks. Manufacture of machinery and equipment which was made in England installed with a production capacity of 2,400 tons per year, and the capacity of the production lines rose to 4,500 tons per year in 2007. Meshiran company has a large share of the domestic market in the sale of polymer networks for large oil ,gas, construction and other projects, and also have one of the largest exporters of these products to Asian and European countries.
Raw materials

The main raw material for the production of heavy polyethylene (HDPE), linear style (LDPE), style (LLDPE) and polypropylene (P P) that make up the domestic petrochemical companies will cater. All products are produced and completed with the use of colored and black master batch and all the colored products are enforced with anti UV ray.

European product quality standard certification (CE)

Quality management (ISO 9001)

Environmental management standards (ISO 14001)

Health and safety standards (OHSAS 18001)

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